Festa de São João

Hello Everyone!

This week was the start of Festa de São João. It´s the saint day for John the Baptist, but it´s super huge here and it goes on for 15 days. There´s a lot of music and people and colors. Apparently, it´s the biggest festival in Braga, but it’s even bigger in Porto. There were a lot of street vendors today and I bought some hand carved elephants from Senegal!

There weren’t too many interesting things that happened this week, except for the fact that we contacted like a billion people. We are trying so hard to find new investigators, but it´s getting harder and harder by the minute. This week, we have plans to work with the members to get references.

Yesterday, Presidente Amorim came to Braga. Bishop has been inviting him to come since March. He was finally able to come and he trained the members on the listão that we’ve been doing. I hope this will help. Sol Amor continues to be an excellent example of a member missionary. He’s been taking us around to meet everyone he knows in his neighborhood. He literally has no reservations. We had a really good discussion about The Book of Mormon with some of his neighbors, and one of his friends was interested in hearing the lessons.

We´ve been teaching a reference from the elders named Ana. She’s half Brazilian, half Japanese. She is very sweet and loves to serve. Right now, she’s studying geriatrics. She is really accepting the gospel so far. We invited her to church and she came. It was actually kind of funny. In the third hour, Presidente did his training for all the members. At one point he asked how many people had introduced themselves to Ana. Not very many people raised their hands and he got after them. After church tons of people came up to her and introduced themselves. Fortunately, she really liked it. She said that she would come back next week.

This upcoming week, we’ll be finishing up the transfer. I hope we end with a bang.

Love you all!

Sister Runyan


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