The Mormon Mexican Restaurant

Hello Everyone!

So I made the mistake recently of saying that I had never been injured or gotten sick on the mission. Apparently, this was a terrible mistake. In the last 2 weeks I have both been injured and gotten sick. Currently, I am fighting off the flu. I got put down pretty hard the last couple of days.

So this week’s letter will probably be a lot shorter than normal.  Some interesting things that happened.

  1. We had a Zone meeting that was pretty fun. Our zone leaders are pretty funny.
  2. We taught a reference from the elders named Ana. She is from Brazil. She’s super nice and she really likes history. She seems very interested and we’re super excited to teach her again this week.
  3. As I was sick, I slept a lot and I had some interesting dreams. In one of my dreams, I dreamed that I had returned home and for my first Family Home Evening with my family we had invited Robin Williams (In my dream he never died). He was super nice, but then I suggested that we all read scriptures because it was Family Home Evening; he got offended and was rude afterwards. It was a weird dream, but it made me laugh.
  4. There is a new Mexican restaurant in Braga. (It wasn’t very good) that being said we got the cheapest thing on the menu. It was really pricey. It was actually kind of funny, because we walked in and one of the waitresses recognized us and told us that she was a member, but not active. Apparently, she had moved to Switzerland with her boyfriend and during that time had lost contact with the church. Later on, the relief society president, with her husband and sister walk in and explain that they were friends with the waitress and that she invited them. We joked that it was the Mormon restaurant. We´ll probably go back, just to reach out to this lady and help her come back to church.
  5. The sisters from Viana do Castelo came down for a doctor’s appointment, so we spent some time with them and that was fun. 🙂  note from Sister Runyan’s mom: both the Viana do Castelo sisters, Sister Parkinson and Sister Mauricio, are previous companions of Sister Runyan.

Well, that´s about it for now,

Love you all

Sister Runyan

Zone Conference

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