Braga Romana

Hello Everyone!

This week was way cool! Here in Braga, there was a Roman Festival; called Braga Romana. They actually went all out and it was pretty cool!

There were a few interesting things that happened this week.

  1. I recovered from my sprained ankle. So apparently when I called someone to come pick us up on Sunday, they were in ward council; so everyone knew! A lot of people teased me, but it was all good:)
  1. We found a new family of investigators to teach. They are from Africa and they´re really receptive. We´re going back this Saturday.
  1. We couldn’t actually go and do things at the roman festival, but it was in our area; so we got to see some things. There were a lot of actors in the streets and people dressed up like Romans. It was actually really funny. There was a couple of actors who were carrying a latrine with them and trying to get visitors to use it. They were just cracking a lot of potty humor jokes. There was also an apothecary with a giant cart. There were roman soldiers, mythical creatures, gypsies, and there were also some ladies of the night (that was weird).
  1. We taught Manuel this week. He is not doing too well. He isn’t hanging around the best crowd right now.
  1. We also had stake conference, it was pretty good. The theme was service. Right after conference, Sister Mauricio and Sister Parkinson had a baptism. We made cake for them but we couldn’t stay, because we had to leave with our ward on the bus.
  1. Yesterday, I was feeling kind of down because a lot of our appointments fell through; so I was praying for help from Heavenly Father. In that moment, a man in the street stopped us and asked for a copy of The Book of Mormon. His ex-wife is a member. He said that he likes to read The Book of Mormon; but he had lost his copy. He actually lives in Porto; but his second wife was in the hospital in Braga, with terminal cancer. We got his number and we´re going to see if we can bring the elders to his wife, to give her a blessing.

Anyways, there were a lot of cool things that happened this week.

Love you all tons and happy summer vacation!!!

Sister Runyan


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