Happy Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone!

Happy Mother´s Day to all the mothers:)

This week we worked a lot with our members. We started working with the Carvalho family. They recently went through something really hard. The mom has been having quite a few health problems. A couple weeks ago she did some tests. The results came in and they told her that she has leukemia! She and her whole family fasted and prayed the whole week, including her less active daughter. Eight days later, she got a call that they had accidentally switched her test results with someone else. She did a retest and she was completely clean. Her daughter has been coming to church ever since!! The Lord works in mysterious ways.

We also worked a lot with Sol Amor. He is doing a fantastic job! We got 29 references from him.  He´s a big example to me, because he never hesitates to share the gospel with everyone that he knows. He may have a few difficulties in this life, but he really is a great missionary!:)

Transfers are this week and I’m feeling like I’m probably leaving Braga. I will miss Braga dearly. I will have been here more than any other area, almost a third of my mission.

Cecilia came to church this week!! I know that she’ll be baptized. I´m so sad that I won´t be able to see it. She is an incredible woman. She has been through so much and she has so much faith in the Lord.

Love you all!

Sister Runyan




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