Holy Week in Braga

Hello Everyone!

This week was Easter!! Braga during Easter time is sooo cool! We prepared a 5 minute lesson about Easter to share with people in our contacts. It went really well and we got a few new investigators because of that.

We also had our Easter activity. So we did the Easter egg symbols with the plastic eggs. The people in this ward loved it. All of the kids got really involved. After that, we watched a movie about Christ. It was going to be the new Mormon message, but we couldn’t get it to work. After that, we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a game for the adults. It went really well and a lot of people told us that they really enjoyed it. So yay!!!

We had a few lessons with Cecilia this week. It turns out she slept in; which is why she didn’t come to church. We are going to make her a Book of Mormon chart to help her to read more regularly and have better spiritual habits. Being a missionary is weird; because normally I´m not used to hounding people like this (unless it’s my siblings). But it’s the way that we help them; because they need to do these things and they need to understand how important it is. For some people, they won’t get to that point unless someone pushes them. I just keep remembering that the reason that we do all of this is for the Christ-like love we feel for these people.

As I was studying the life of the Savior this week, I felt extreme gratitude and awe at what he did for us. But there was something else that really struck me this week. As I was reading, I noticed something in Peter that really resounded with me. As we know, the night before the Savior was crucified, Peter denied him 3 times. Peter was always so confident in his loyalty to the master. There were so many times that his human frailty is so painfully visible. But something so wonderful about his example is his story of spiritual growth. As I empathetically ponder the agony he must have felt after he denied the Savior, I can’t help but relate this to me. How often do we profess to be Disciples of Christ and deny him in some form, most often through our own disobedience? But the story there is far from over; because we too like Peter can become a rock, with a strong foundation in our love for Christ. We too have a call from the Savior to feed his sheep and withstand all forms of adversity. I will apply what I’ve learned in my missionary work and have the faith that I too can overcome my human frailties.

Processions that we saw this week!

Wednesday: Everyone was dressed up in bible costumes and it basically went through the story of the bible, leading up to when Mary and joseph fled to Egypt. It was a wooden statue of Mary on a donkey. Why? I have no idea. At the end, all the kids sang this really cute song and it was stuck in our heads the rest of the week.

Thursday: The Ferricocos opened the parade. They have these wooden sound makers that they swing above their heads that are really loud. They are like the signature part of all of the processions. They’re kind of scary looking but it was really interesting. Apparently the tradition goes back to the black plague. They thought everyone was sick because of sin, so they’d have these guys go out and call everyone to repentance. That sounds awful.:( The rest of this parade was really boring.

Friday: It was sprinkling, but they still had the parade. Everyone was dragging crosses on the ground. They had a few representations of Christ. One where he is bound by roman soldiers, one where he was carrying the cross and one where he was strapped to a cross. It was really interesting but also really somber; because in the Catholic Church they focus on the death of Christ and not the fact that he lives. But it was still really well done and very reverent.

Saturday:  They were going to burn an effigy of Judas, but it was raining so it didn’t happen.

That’s about it. Transfers are this week so we’ll find out what happens.

Love, Sister Runyan


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