Dungeons and Dragons in Portugal

Hello Everyone!

This week was actually really special!!

We got special permission from president to go to a baptism in Porto. Sis. Parkinson taught a family in Porto where the less-active mom was a member and her boyfriend was not; so they had a wedding ceremony and a baptism. There was also another guy she taught that was getting baptized too. The whole week we were looking for an investigator to bring, but it was looking like no one was going to be able to come; since this Saturday is Father´s day here in Portugal. There is a couple in Braga with a similar situation; where she is a member and he is not, but he wants to be baptized they just need to get married first. So kind of last minute it worked out that they could come with us. It was actually kind of a miracle how it all worked out. It was a really special experience. The best part was is that he had never seen a baptism and he really liked it. He said a couple times “that will be me.” We also got to see Carlos , from Gaia! That was great; since I didn’t get to say goodbye.

During the week, we taught Cecilia a couple of times and we got her to commit to coming to church. Unfortunately, she didn’t come 😦 We got to church and it had already started so we decided to go get her. We walked all the way to her house but she didn’t answer; so we came back and missed half of sacrament meeting. Life of a missionary… One day, Sundays will be relaxing again. It’s kind of funny, because it almost feels like Sunday is the hardest day. It most definitely is not a day of rest. Hopefully, we’ll find out what happened this week. That night, we took the sacrament with Manuela.

I’m getting excited for our Easter activity! I hope it all goes well. It’s this Friday.

The holy week has started! Yesterday, we got to see a little of the processions. There was a parade with a man dressed as Christ, with roman soldiers. It was actually really beautiful. I didn’t have my camera though 😦

We prepared a little Easter lesson to share with people really quickly and it actually went really well we got a few new investigators just from that.

Carlos was out of town the whole week; so we didn’t get to talk to him.

I can’t remember much else that happened. Oh!! We went to the new Ikea opening day for lunch:) It was actually disappointing. The food is the same, but we thought there was an unlimited soft serve machine. But there wasn’t!!!! The machine operates with a token and it perfectly measures out the ice cream for you. But other than that it was same old, same old. But a taste of the familiar none the less.

Today we went to Guimarães for P-day we saw the castle of the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, and a 16th century palace right next to it. It was really neat:) We all got really into character (Thus the title of this post.).

Love you all.

Sister Runyan



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