Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty good. We got the news that Braga will be opening a new Ikea this week. I will get Swedish meatballs! Also we’re prepping for our Easter Activity. I hope it will go well.

Easter Activity Flyer

Highlights for the week!

  1. Carlos met with us Tuesday. He brought his friend (also named Carlos) and we taught the first lesson and it went really well! He said that he would come to church but he didn’t 😦 I don’t know what we can do to help him commit more.
  2. We have been teaching Cecilia. Her situation is really complicated right now. We´re just praying that she can hold on to what we are teaching her and that she can decide to come to church and keep her commitments as well.
  3. We had a lesson with Viriginia this week. She was feeling a little sad, so we shared a scripture, Alma 7:11-13, and we shared with her the power of the atonement. We are praying for her family.
  4. We’re really looking for new investigators lately; because we want to find people that will progress. We were contacting a lot this week. We contacted one guy and asked for his contact so that we could talk to him later. He told us that we could talk to him right then. We taught him the first lesson and it was really powerful. I felt the spirit really strongly. Afterwards, we wrote down his number. Later on we realized it was missing a number; so I was pretty sad about that.
  5. This Sunday, one of our members, Mercy, from Nigeria, brought 2 friends to church. That was great!!! She only speaks English, and she’s super cute.
  6. Today for P-day, some missionaries from Porto came in and we went to the center and afterwards, Bom Jesus.


I’m trying to think of other exciting things that happened, but there isn’t much to say. It was a pretty solid week.

Love you all!!

Sister Runyan

PS. Oh and best story! Include this in the weekly report.! So today we were walking by one of the churches in the center. Lately they’ve been putting out posters every couple of days with and inspirational message about the savior. Today we walked by and it was a picture from the church bible videos!!! So we joked about how they were advertising for our church:)


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