A Screaming Crazy Lady With A Mustache

Hello Everyone!

This week was great!! Sister Parkinson and I get to terrorize the city of Braga for another transfer. (Joking, we´re mostly the ones who get terrorized)

So now we have 2 new elders! The missionary work here is definitely going to pick up. They’re pretty cool Elder Ward and Elder Michael. Elder Ward is half Portuguese and Elder Michael is in his first transfer. It´s kind of funny because our district was so small last transfer we kind of were a family, now these elders are here and they´re great, but it’s not the same.

We had some cool things that happened this week. We finally got in with Cecilia, a Brazilian we contacted a while ago. She is amazing and was actually almost baptized a while ago, but I guess she moved or something. She remembers exactly the story of the beginning of the BOM; which doesn´t happen very often. I definitely think she’ll be baptized 🙂

We also got in with Eliane. It was actually kind of a miracle; because it was her first day off since December. She is absolutely exhausted and super depressed. I guess she fainted at work, so she got the day off. She said she´d call us the next time she has work off. I don´t know what we can do to help her 😦

We´re also going to do a fast with one of our investigators tomorrow. Her granddaughter is being abused by her daughter-in-law. I guess her daughter-in-law is addicted to drugs and has been doing some shady things to medicate the little girl so that she is less hyper. This week they’re going to court and they asked us to pray for them; so we said that we wanted to fast with them. I know the Lord will provide.

Those are some pretty heavy stories. On a lighter note. we had something hilarious happen on Saturday.

So we were looking through old investigators and we stopped by one lady with a mustache, named Delfia. She was a bit odd but we thought nothing of it. We saw her in the street on Saturday and we asked if we could come over. So we dropped by; but all the warning signs were on. We rang the doorbell and then she opened the door and just screamed AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhh! Then she just says “Just kidding haha. You can come in.” Then she says very casually, “there isn’t any light though; they cut my lights yesterday.” It was literally pitch black inside and she didn’t have any candle or anything. Then she goes “wait there´s someone I want you to meet. Manuel! Come here and meet the meninas (girls).” So out comes the homeless man that is always hanging outside the mall. He comes to greet us and the customer is to give kisses on the cheek. Normally, it isn’t a problem and we just put our hand out to shake instead. But this guy wasn’t all there; so he kind of just dived for it. Sister Parkinson kind of karate chopped him away and was just like “no, no, we can´t” and then he went over to do the same to me but I yelled “hand shake only!”  We´re all just kind of standing outside, but Delfia is just like “No we should come inside. It´s better.” so we walk into her super dark house. Luckily, our phone has a flashlight; so we had that and we asked if we could say a prayer but she just goes “I can do it.” So she has us all stand in a circle and she started yelling this prayer about how she is a really good person and that everyone is jealous of her and that they all need to be nicer. After that, Manuel said a prayer and he just went on about how tomorrow he will come to church with us and meet the bishop and that he will help him out and just making all these promises and then he turns to us and goes “Am I lying?” And we just go “uuuuuhhhhhh.” Anyway, we planned to meet him at the bus station at 9, before church on Sunday and he never showed up.

This Sunday, we all gave talks again. I talked about the first vision and I cried. It was embarrassing. We ate lunch at the Dias’; which is always amazing. We did the “Listão” with them and they liked it a lot and might do it with their missionaries when he’s a mission president in Brazil. We also brought cookies to the Marinhos. Sister Marinho has been sick with bronchitis for the last month poor thing! She´s going through a rough year so far.

Other than that, not much.

Thanks for all your prayers

Love Sister Runyan



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