A Life With Christ Is Sweeter

Hello Everyone!

I’m officially 21 now! I don’t feel any different. Also, there weren´t a ton of highlights for the week. For one, all the leaders in the mission had a 2 day conference. President made us these binders with scriptures and pictures to present to people during our lessons. It’s actually pretty cool.

We have been working with a handful of investigators lately. We have Isabelle and her mom. She used to be the elder´s investigator but she moved to our area. She is from Brazil, she´s 40 something, never been married and lives alone with her mother. She has some social disorders and she feels very lonely, especially now that her mother has Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. She broke down crying in our lesson with her this week. She feels that she has so much faith, but that god doesn´t answer her prayers; because she doesn´t get what she asks for. We taught her about not only having faith in the Lord but also trusting him. She felt a lot better afterwards. She needs a lot of love and care.

We also have João. He has been an investigator of the sisters for a while. He stopped taking the lessons for a while and then Sister Parkinsion and I invited him to come to church and he came. This week, we had a lesson with him and another really solid member. It was very spiritual and I hope we helped him get closer to gaining a testimony. We explained how we receive answers from the spirit; but I still feel like he doesn’t get it. He says that he always feels like the spirit is with him and doesn´t agree about being bound by rules. We try helping him to understand; but I think he is maybe being a little hard hearted and he doesn´t necessarily want to understand. Please pray that his heart will be softened.

This week, we´ve also been working with a few less actives. I think that is just as important as helping people to be baptized.

I didn’t really do anything big to celebrate my birthday. We woke up and had crepes. We had bowtie pasta and pesto sauce for lunch. We went to teach Antonio and his friends at a café and they all wished me a happy birthday. We love them. They´re so sweet! The next day we got cupcakes at this really chic cupcake place, and I picked up my scriptures from the book binding place. They turned out really cool!! On Sunday, we had lunch with the Dias family. It was really nice.

We are going to try out a new contacting idea this week. We believe in the magic of cookies; so we have decided that we are going to try and give cookies out for free with a sign that says “cookies are sweet, but a life with Christ is even sweeter.” We´re going to see if we get any more people that way.

That´s all for now. Love you all!!!

P.S. funny note we have this investigator that looks like Robin Williams. It´s a woman and it´s kind of scary. Well this week, I was really tired and I was saying that we should pass by her; but I said “robert williams I mean william Roberts.” We thought that was pretty funny.

Sister Runyan


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