I Got to See The Ocean for Like 10 Seconds!!!!

Hello Everyone!

We had some cool things this week. First was a division with the Sister Training Leaders. Those are always fun; I always learn so much. Our sister training leaders are Sister Bender and Sister Carroll. They are great. I got to see a little of Viana de Castello. I got to see the ocean for like 10 seconds!!!! Also, Viana de Castello is where the Heart of Viana comes from. I still haven’t bought that yet by the way. All the members in that branch loved me so that was cool.

After the division, we got called down to Porto. We got to watch the training with Presidente; which was cool. I loved the training; it was so helpful and very inspiring. For anyone who´s seen it, I met the Asian/British elder in the panel in the MTC. I actually have a picture with him.

We are trying to help Carlos to prepare to be baptized on the 23 of February. He´s actually seriously thinking about baptism. We just need to help him get to church more frequently and stopping drinking wine. He actually makes his own wine in his countryside property. We’re going to ask the members who had similar problems to come and teach with us. Please pray for him.

We prepared our talks for Sunday. I think it went well. We correlated our talks so we´d all talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today for P-day, we went to the Indian restaurant as a district and afterwards we played district games together.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty regular week. Next week is my birthday; but I don’t think I´ll do anything special.

Love you all

Sister Runyan


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