This Week Was A Blast!

Hello Everyone!!

This week was a blast! I love Sister Parkinson. She is so fun.

We got a new bishop. Bishop Dias was released so that he could prepare to be a mission president in Brazil. The new bishop is awesome. We actually had a family home evening at their house on Monday. It was so fun. We played “water in the face.” It´s a game of categories. One person thinks of a specific thing and if someone in the circle guesses it, they get a glass of water in the face. Their little girl is obsessed with Frozen.

The Elders got locked out of their house (I know their pain.) We brought them pillows and blankets and they slept in the chapel. They had to wait for the office to come and get them in.

This week we taught this guy from Pakistan. His name is Jimmy and apparently he is running from the Taliban. He’s really struggling right now; because he doesn’t speak Portuguese, only English. We offered to help him with his Portuguese. But we will continue to pray for him.

We started teaching this guy named João. He´s kind of weird and he talks a lot!

The best thing that happened this week was that yesterday at church an old investigator came to church, also named João. He loved it and he wants us to keep teaching him.

This next Sunday, all the missionaries are giving talks. I think I´m going to write it out so I don´t embarrass myself with my Portuguese.

Also, we are doing divisions with our Sister Training Leaders tomorrow; so that should be good. There is a worldwide training for missionaries on the 20th so that should be good as well.

I hope I didn’t leave too much out today. Today, I took Sister Parkinson to . It´s my favorite cathedral I’ve seen in Portugal.

Love you all!

Sister Runyan


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