I Guess We Missed that Verse in The Bible

Hello Everyone!!

This week was super fun! First of all, I’m here in Braga still. Sister Nagliati left and everyone was super sad, including me. But now I’m serving with Sister Parkinson and she is also super great.

Ever since her first day, things have been crazy!!

On her first day here, WE GOT HIT BY A CAR! Don’t worry, it wasn’t bad at all. He did literally hit us; but it was in a cross walk, so he wasn’t going fast at all. The funniest part was that he just drove off. We were in the middle of the cross walk and then here comes this guy. I guess he didn’t get the memo that you’re actually supposed to stop when someone is walking. While we were still in shock, I look over to Sister Parkinson and she just goes “YES I ALWAYS WANTED TO GET HIT BY A CAR ON MY MISSION!”  I just started laughing. We just joked that if we went home tomorrow, it would be ok; because we had a killer story to tell people.

The rest of the week it rained non-stop. Unfortunately, a lot of our old investigators were in the process of dropping us; so we just spent most of our time contacting people; which was good. We do have a couple really good progressing investigators though. Carlos stopped believing in reincarnation and now he is like the perfect investigator; because he is really interested in what we have to teach him. Marlene didn’t accept a baptismal invitation; because she still believes her baptism is valid. We got on the subject of the Book of Mormon and she opened up about an experience she had when she had a rotten day and she came home and read the Book of Mormon and she felt a feeling of overwhelming peace. We will keep working with her and help her get a testimony in the restoration through the Book of Mormon.

One day it was raining like crazy! It was hailing and everything. We had to walk a ways to get home. By the time we got home, it looked like we had jumped in a pool. I wish we could have taken pictures.

Today, we went to Sameiro and Bom Jesus with Antonio. They are two catholic churches that sit on a hill above the city. It was really pretty. Sister Parkinson and I were just laughing at all the false doctrine we found. In Sameiro, there is a chapel that has murals lining the whole wall. It follows the life of Christ, with an emphasis on Mary. It gets to Christ’s resurrection; which depicts Mary ascending into heaven and being crowned queen of the universe. We thought that was funny; because we were just like “I guess we missed that verse in the Bible.” And then there is this other really funny part that depicts all the Portuguese colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas and there’s a quote that translates as “Her son she gave to the world, the virgin, source of light, but after it was Portugal that gave the world Jesus.”

We had a really fun day with Antonio. He’s a funny guy.

Love you alll

Sister Runyan


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