Happy New Year!!!

Hello Everyone!!

First of all, President is doing things a little bit different this transfer. He isn’t telling us our new areas until tomorrow morning. I think it’s probably because a lot of new missionaries are coming in.

Things are pretty much all good here. I hope that Sister Nagliati and I stay together one more transfer. It’s been fun serving with her. I love Braga as well. It was so magical seeing it all lit up for Christmas.

This week, nothing super exciting happened. It rained a ton which wasn’t so fun.

New Year’s Eve was kind of funny actually. We had been invited over for dinner that night by an amazing family in our ward. We tried calling the whole day to confirm with her, but no one answered. We decided not to go, in case we would be intruding. Unfortunately, New Year’s Eve isn’t the best time to be out in the streets. We didn’t feel super safe; so we decided to find a quiet restaurant to celebrate together. We went to the Indian restaurant. It was nice. After that we still had a little bit of time before we had to be home. We left the restaurant and found these 2 drunk guys in the road who were being super rude. After that, we decided to go home; because it wasn’t safe for us to be out. The whole night, people had been setting off fireworks. At 12, we woke up and watched the city light up with fireworks. There was even one right outside our window. That was pretty neat. The member eventually called us and had explained that she accidentally left her phone in the car; but that she still wanted us to come over. She felt bad; so she invited us over for lunch New Year’s Day.

The next day, we came over for lunch and it was really nice. We had duck rice and shrimp. I made lemon bars for dessert. Afterwards, we were leaving their house, when we ran into this crazy guy. We have been laughing about it the whole week. He had a stick in his hand, and was whistling a tune really loudly and then as he was coming toward us he started counting his steps. Right as he walked past us he made this really creepy laugh. And then he sings dun dun dun dun. It was really weird but hilarious.

We’ll see how transfers go. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Happy New Year!!!

Love Sister Runyan




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