Feliz Natal

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Christmas here in Portugal is very magical. We had fun contacting everyone in the street and saying Feliz Natal! It was so special. We even wore Santa hats. Christmas Eve, we worked like normal. But then we went to the Marinhos’ for dinner. That was so fun because they’re British. We had traditional British Christmas food. (and we spoke English :)) We played games until we went home. They are an amazing family.

Christmas day, we woke up and opened presents. I made German pancakes. Then we made lunch to bring to a widowed sister. She would have spent Christmas alone!! We ate with her and listened to all of her stories from Angola. Afterwards, we skyped our families. That was so fun. I was so happy to be able to talk to my family. The next time will be for Mother’s Day.

This Sunday, we had 5 investigators in church! Adelino and Isabelle came; but they left right after the sacrament. We were a little sad. They said they were going to pick up their son. They’ve made it kind of clear that the biggest reason they want us to come is so that we can “fix” their son. We love them and we’ll pray that they can listen to the spirit telling them these things are true. Miguel came to church again with her son Miguel. Apparently he had been looking forward to it all week. She loves coming to church now. We try teaching her during the week but she’s sooo busy. We’ll keep praying that we can teach her this week.

We won’t be able to teach Alice until school starts again. Please pray that our investigators can start progressing again.

Happy New Year’s everyone!

Love Sister Runyan.


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