Blessed to Witness Miracles

Hello Everyone!

This letter will be a little shorter; because I don’t have a ton of time.

One of the biggest miracles this week happened on Saturday. It was kind of a slow day and we had finished making some cookies; when we decided to pass by one of our investigators who is a reference from a member. She owns a bakery, so we stopped by there to give her some cookies. She gave us something to drink and amazingly the members were there. In the beginning of the week, we had taught this investigator for the first time, with the members in her bakery.

The members told us that after our lesson with her, there was a woman watching and after we had left she came up to them and asked what we had been doing. The members explained to her about the church. She particularly liked the part when we said a prayer. So the members did a prayer with her. After that, the members called her to come and meet us. She told us that something inside her told her to ask what we were doing. She felt a strong desire to start a habit of prayer in her home after that as well. She has a new rule in her home that they pray before every meal and before bed. We were shocked by what she was saying. We talked with her a little about the church. She has a lot of questions and she’s already done some research online (not all of it good). She said she wanted to come to church and hear our lessons. Yesterday, she came to church and she said she liked it; but she was a little sad and we still don’t know why. We felt so grateful to Heavenly Father; because we recognized her as someone who has been prepared. I feel so blessed to witness these miracles.

This Christmas, we are going to be with Manuela. She will be alone so we feel like this will be a very special Christmas for all three of us.

Love you all!

Merry Christmas.

Sister Runyan

P-Day Explanation

Last week, we went to Guimarães; which is the birth place of Portugal; because that was where the first king lived. We went bowling (instead of seeing the castle 😦 ….)

Today, we went to the Braga Cathedral, the oldest cathedral on the Iberian Peninsula. We had a tour guide and everything and it was so interesting we learned a lot. Apparently, Braga is really important in the catholic world. There are pagan ruins with a face of the sun god. There was a naturally mummified archbishop. He was actually a Templar and was buried with the Templar robe. When they discovered he was mummified, they put him on display and changed his robes because the Templar are very controversial. There was an archbishop that was only a meter and 30 centimeters (4’3″) tall, so he used high heels (pictured).


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