I Met the Most Incredible Woman Ever!

HI Everyone.

This week I´ve been adjusting to a new area. Braga is beautiful!! People are a lot more receptive here as well. I’m really happy to be serving with Sister Nagliati as well (the g is silent). A little about her. Her parents were both born in Italy, but they moved to Brazil. She was born and raised there. Recently, she spent a year in England, before her mission. So she speaks English very well. She is so cute and fun, and an incredible missionary.

Here in Braga, we have a ward with an excellent bishop. He will actually be a mission president next year. There are two sets of missionaries that serve here; Sister Nagliati and I, along with Elder Pedro who is serving here with a brand new missionary, Elder Jensen.  This ward has about 70-80 people in regular attendance. We have an abundance of investigators to teach as well. People are generally receptive and friendly. There is a recent convert here that loves to teach with us as well. His name is Antonio. He’s about 65 and he loves going out with the sisters; because he’s retired and he has nothing else to do. He is the funniest little man and he makes us laugh every day.

There are a lot more Brazilians that live here than I’ve already seen. There are a couple universities here, with a lot of historic sites and lots of tourists. There is a lot of Shopping centers here as well. This is the most well developed city I’ve yet seen in Portugal; except for one thing, they don’t have trash bins here. You leave your trash bags on the side of the road and they come and pick it up. I promise I’ll take more pictures this week.

We have some progressing investigators right now. We have a Brazilian woman named Eliane, who we taught on Monday. She is very receptive; but she doesn’t have a lot of time to talk to us during the week. We talked to her again on Friday. And that night she passed her friend as a reference to us! That has never happened to me on the mission. We’ll go and teach her friend this week. We are also teaching a couple of African women who have a lot of potential.

Since Sister Nagliati is Brazilian, she doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving; but she was nice enough to let me make a “nice” lunch for us. The turkey just wasn’t the same unfortunately. It kind of looked like one of those Thanksgiving dinners they give at homeless shelters; but what can you do.

Yesterday, no one came to church. We will try even harder to help people to come next week.

Yesterday, I met the most incredible woman ever! She lived in Angola during the Revolution there. Her husband had a high position in the government there; but they were on the side of the Angolans. Her husband stayed home with their children, with guards protecting them while she went out and fought. She was one of the only 2 Portuguese women who fought in the revolution. I think she was a nurse or something; but she had a gun. She said she never killed anyone though. Also, she made all of the furniture in her house. She’s writing her life´s story right now and I hope I can read it someday, I don’t know how she found the gospel; but she has so much faith. She has a lot of pain; but her spirit is still so youthful and lively she’s just a joy to be with.

I can tell this will be a great transfer. Please continue to pray for Pedro and Descio. I got the news that Pedro got baptized this Saturday! I am so happy for him. The first year is critical; so he still needs a lot of prayers.

Love you all

Sister Runyan



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