We Can’t Even Believe How Good the Lord Is

Dear Familia,

First, I am leaving Gaia. I am absolutely heart broken. I’m moving to Braga; which I’ve heard is a beautiful area. My new companion is Brazilian. I still haven’t met her yet.

Second, yesterday was a day of miracles. Sundays are usually hard for us because no one comes to church. But Descio (Descio is from Angola, but is in Gaia receiving cancer treatment) and his family decided to come and say goodbye to Sister Schill; because they love us a lot. It was the Primary Program!!! Descio had been hesitant in the past to come; because he had been hurt by other churches. But he finally decided to try it out. He loved it!! We had been praying for a family to be baptized all transfer. We didn’t get to see a baptism; but Desciosaid that he would come back for the rest of his life. Also, his wife, who is working in Angola, will be here for Christmas. So the whole family can be baptized! We can’t even believe how good the Lord is.

Third, Pedro came to church as well. Which is actually a huge struggle; because he has a job that asks him to come every Sunday. Pedro decided to turn down the job yesterday and come to church. That same day he got a job that has him come in every day except Sunday. THE LORD LOVES THAT MAN! We are so happy for him. He will also be baptized this Saturday, like Susie. (Susie is our mail carrier and friend in Folsom. We are very excited that she is getting baptized!)

I am sad to say goodbye to everyone. I cried my eyes out last night, when we found out they were closing our area. We have so many people preparing for baptism; but I know that the Elders here will take good care of them.

Love you all.

Sister Runyan


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