Vida é Assim

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Portuguese Culture. Since Sister Schill is ending her mission, we have been talking a lot about why we love Portugal so much.

  1. They take their food seriously! Their meal times are sacred. It’s a high offense to knock doors during lunch or dinner hour. Children often times get picked up by their parents to eat lunch at home and then return to school.
  2. Fatima!!!! So the story goes that Fatima is a village in Portugal where the Virgin Mary appeared to three starving children. So they call her Fatima. (I don’t know why) So all the Portuguese people make pilgrimages to Fatima during the year to ask her for stuff. Sometimes we’ll be talking about the first vision and they’ll just be like “It’s just like Fatima!!!” It’s kind of interesting.
  3. The old people all had really hard lives. It’s actually really sad. We talk to a lot of old people and they’ll just sit there and talk about their health problems and they all say the same thing. “Vida é assim” “vida de pobrezinhos”; which translates “That’s life and life of poor little people.” I love the old people here. They just need a lot of love. There are seriously a lot of old people! Every day we see like 3 different hearses in the road.
  4. The people here are very disheartened by churches; which it makes it really difficult to help people realize that they need a church.
  5. Mental healthcare isn’t really a thing. We meet so many people here who would really benefit from some medication.

There is just so much more to talk about. I learn something new every day. This week we decided that we would wash our clothes in one of the washing pools they have sitting around everywhere. We’ll send pictures.

So we had decided to take pictures at one of the little washing wells they have all over. We stopped at this one and there was a stray dog that wanted to be in the pictures too.

This week we tried our hardest to find a family that we could teach. We didn’t find anyone new this week; but I know that we have good things in store. We were a little disheartened that our only investigator in church was Carlos. But we decided that we will not doubt the Lord’s plan and just be grateful for all the miracles that have already happened. Not much has happened with Pedro. He just needs a lot of prayers. We are just coming to realize that our area is very catholic and very set in their ways. We always have more success contacting people in the Elders area than our own. Maybe the Lord is just testing our faith. But we know good things are coming.

Love you all.

Sister Runyan

Picture explanation: Today we wandered around Porto (bottom).

Last P-day starts with the picture of the harry potter cape. We walked into a uniform store and asked to try on the cape they were actually really nice. We spent the day with a lot of other sisters. Sister Elliot  (MTC companion) was there, also Sister Johnson (trainer companion).


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