The Lord Will Try Our Faith

Bom Dia!

This week has been another emotional roller coaster ride. We have been working so hard, and we’re so tired, but we’re loving every minute of it.

First of all, Tuesday, we had torrential rain, but we didn’t have any appointments so we were contacting people in the street the whole day. Also, Pedro stopped talking to us again. By the end of the day, we were so exhausted. We were trying to find the address of a woman we had contacted in the street. It turned out she lied about where she lives. We were trying to get information from her neighbors. We were about to give up, but we said a prayer that Heavenly Father would guide us to someone who was interested. The last door we knocked on was a woman who had lost her husband and we were able to enter her home and teach her a lesson. That was a sweet moment for both of us. The Lord will try our faith. He wants us to push forward until the very end. In that moment He will show his mercy.

We were also guided to another woman named Nequita; who received us into her home. We taught her and helped her to feel our love and the love of the Lord.

Finally, on Saturday, Pedro decided that he wanted to keep talking to us. That was the day he would have been baptized. He has been struggling with keeping his jobs because they have been late at night. Because of that, he had been humbled and had realized what he had been denying by stopping talking with us. We were so happy for him. He decided to re-mark his baptism for this week. He is still very anxious about his future, and he needs all of your prayers. It has been so interesting being a witness of his own spiritual progressions and regressions. The Lord has a plan for our lives and being on the mission we have a unique perspective seeing into other people´s lives.

We had a Halloween activity with our ward. It was super cute and the Elders went all out with the decorations and games. Our investigators enjoyed themselves too.

This week is my half way mark. That’s crazy!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Love Sister Runyan


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