The Lord is so Involved in this Work!!

Transfers are here!

I’m still in Gaia, but Sister Smith left for Leira. My new companion is Sister Schill! She’s so nice. This is actually her last transfer:( but we’re going to have a lot of fun together.)

We had our zone conference. It was really good. President Amorim really wants us to get more member references. What we will do is with each family in the ward we will sit down with them and have them list every single person they know, acquaintances, friends, family, everything. We’ll go home and pray about it and bring back 10 of those names. They will look over the list, change anything if they want, and then they will pick at least 3 of those people to do something with. It could be give them a gift (church movies, book of Mormon, etc..) or invite them to an activity. It has to be something they feel comfortable doing. I’m excited and I will do the same thing myself. I challenge all of you to do it as well.


This week, we’ve been focusing on finding less active members. We have found a handful of people who still live in the listed addresses who are interested in coming back to church. The Lord has been helping us as well. One day we were walking to our area and we contacted a random guy in the street, it turns out he was on our list of people to find, but I couldn’t find his street on the map. He is actually a friend of Avelino’s and wants to start coming to church again. We also were looking for another house, but it was abandoned. We left for the other side of our area. I contacted a woman and had the impression that I should try to get her address. It turns out she is the woman we were looking for, but the number listed for her was wrong. That was crazy for me. The Lord is so involved in this work!!

The ward did a special fast for the missionaries and our investigators this week. This ward is so great! We’re helping out in our ward choir for the upcoming stake conference. It’s fun to hear Portuguese people sing.

Today, after we dropped Sister Smith off at the bus station, Xeca and I walked around Porto a bit. She took me to an American store. That was funny. I explained things about American food to Xeca and I bought a Dr. Pepper. After that, we ate a Francisinha. It’s a fried sandwich with a ton of meat, cheese and egg and special sauce. It’s really fattening, but it’s the specialty of Porto; so when anyone visits they have to try it.

I love you all!~

Sister Runyan



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