Had a Blast!

Sister Runyan sent her letter via camera this week. This usually happens when multiple missionaries are sharing one computer. Despite the glitch this week of only receiving the first and last part of her letter, we are glad she has this alternative means of communicating with us while she is so far away.

Fortunately, Sister Runyan was able to get on the computer long enough to answer a few questions.

Were you able to watch the General Women’s session broadcast? If so when?

Before general conference.

Did you have a good turnout for Meet the Mormons? Was this your first time seeing it? What did you think?

The turnout wasn´t spectacular but is was good for our members and our investigators.

Is Costel back (the father of the gypsy family)? How is his family doing?

Yep. Her (the mother’s?) birthday was this week I made her a cake. They came to church this week. Their life in the gospel with be drastically different then their culture. She felt the spirit, but she can’t read or speak Portuguese very well. How does someone like that become converted to the gospel?

Is Sister Smith feeling better?

Ya she’s feeling better. This week was my turn, but it was just a cold.

Olá Familia!

Meet the Mormons was great! Our members were very involved and we had a great time. We gave invitations to everyone in the streets. The morning before the movie, a lot of the members helped us contact people in the street. Some missionaries from Porto helped too. Everyone had a Blast.

Sister Smith with a group of members and missionaries from Porto. Sister Runyan was with a different group, inviting people to see Meet the Mormons.


Thanks for your prayers. Sam, where is your letter?


Sister Runyan



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