Something Bold

Olá Everyone.

This week was the week of being locked up in the house. With some really hard rain, it wasn’t good for Sister Smith to be outside with her throat. I spent some time painting and writing and thinking. It was hard not working, but maybe we needed that.

Also, we got a reference for a family that stopped the missionaries in the street and told them that they have something that her family needs. I’m super excited. I hope we can get an appointment with her today.

We made cookies with the Bishop’s family and they turned out well this time. Yay.

The cigana (gypsy) family has a sister that ran away from her husband and family in Romania; probably because he was an abusive pig. Now she’s the shame of the family. She came here to Costel’s house. He personally took her back to Romania to make sure her husband won’t kill her. But he used all of their money on the bus ticket. Now he has no way back and no way to talk to his family; and their rent is due soon. Normally, they only make 5 euros a day. Needless to say, we’re praying for a miracle. I thought these kinds of people only existed in movies, and history books. Apparently not.

Maria José is looking for someone to help her at night. I mentioned the cigana family. She actually really likes them and will ask them if they want to come and work for her.

We are prepping for an activity this Saturday. We are showing Meet the Mormons in the chapel and we’re trying to invite as many people as possible. Our mission Presidente has asked us to do something really bold this month. We are planning on talking to the town hall people and inviting the leaders of our area to come to the Meet the Mormons activity.

Well that’s about it for this week.

Love Sister Runyan

Questions & Answers:

How are your feet holding up?

My feet are fine. I have been using some really supportive sandals. I’m going boot shopping, because I don’t have anything that’s warm and water proof (It rains a ton here). Unless I go to Madeira; then I’ll be ok.

We saw the announcement that the LDS edition of the Bible is now available in Portuguese. Are the members there excited about that?

Yep.  We watched this in sacrament meeting this week. The members are excited. The print version doesn’t come out till March though. I’ll have to wait a little longer to get a Portuguese Quad.

Sister Smith and Sister Runyan at a mall in Porto

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