Faith in Christ

Olá Familia,

Everything is well.  In the beginning of the week, we went to the hospital, in Porto, for Sister Smith’s foot. It was an adventure! Everything’s pretty much different here, health care included. All I will say; is I hope I never have any medical emergencies here in Portugal. We did talk to some really nice people while we were at the hospital.

We’ve been teaching a little old lady, named Maria José. She’s probably going to die soon. We teach her with a member, also called Maria José (name creativity isn’t really a thing here). They are so cute and so childlike it kills me. Maria José wants to be baptized; but she never feels well enough. We told her she needs to act with faith. She came to a baptism of the daughter-in-law of the other Maria José. She like it and agreed to be baptized next week. Yay!

Maria José and Maria José with Sister Runyan

This Sunday, they had a 5th Sunday lesson on reverence. It got pretty heated. I love this ward and all the unique and interesting people in it. I’ve heard this is one of the best wards in Portugal. It’s very big and a lot of the members are absolutely fantastic. Transfers have been postponed until Wednesday. I really hope I will stay here.

This week, I’ve been studying in 3 Nephi. The thing that has really been sticking out to me is how wicked the people were before Christ’s birth. People can be given signs and blessings; but this does not help them develop true faith in Christ. True faith in Christ comes from our own actions. This is the principle that I want our investigators to understand; but it’s not something they can understand until they’ve tested it.

Today, we had a district P-day with the elders. We went to a mall in Porto. There is a crazy cool store here called Primark. It’s always super busy. They have cool clothes for super, super cheap (a shirt is 3 €). I bought a shirt and a cardigan. It was goodJ. We also ate at a sit down Pizza Hut with a buffet. It was weird. I really like Porto. I think it’s really beautiful.

Well, love you all! I hope everyone is adjusting to school and life.

Love, Sister Runyan

P.S. The Portuguese love American baking. Send me more recipesJ, like the best stuff ever. Also, look up how to make good brownies in Europe; because mine always turn out like cake.

Also, I decided that when I come home, I need to reread Harry Potter and look for all the Portugal related things.

Ema Cruz, Ana Cruz and Sister Smith
Sister Runyan & Sister Smith with Members of the Ward
Sister Runyan, Sister Smith and new converts, José e Liliane
Gaia Elders at a Member's Home
The Elders with Avelino
Gaia Elders at a Member's Home
The Elders at Xeca and Avelino’s house
Gaia Elders at a Member's Home
Elder Pedro

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