Progressing Investigators

Olá everyone!

This week has been pretty interesting. First we have three progressing investigators. Gabriel, he’s 20, and a medical student. He speaks English with a perfect American accent. His mom is from Angola. He has been an investigator for a while now. But he is slowly making progress still. He is on the verge of getting baptized. He wants to, he’s just a little nervous about the changes in his life that would happen, like maybe loosing friends, getting callings etc… We challenged him this week to thoughtfully pray and choose a date that he would like to prepare to be baptized.

Sister Smith and Sister Runyan with Gabriel.

We also have Zé a 35 year old martial artist. He also speaks English. (Here, a lot more people speak English.) Sister Smith had a spiritual prompting to talk to him on the road. Since then, he’s come to church, and we’ve had a couple lessons with him. It was going well until this Saturday. We found out that he has some doubts. He told us things about his dysfunctional family life, and said his motive for doing all this is to find answers to help them get their lives together. He didn’t come to church this week; because he didn’t wake up. He also told us that he gets more excited about MMA (mixed martial arts) then church. He then said that maybe MMA is his church. He’s a little confused; but it’s not a problem. We will continue to help him try and keep his commitments, to read the Book of Mormon and to pray.

Last, we have Carlos, another eternigator (eternal investigator). He comes to church, reads, prays; but he has a lot of doubts and concerns, specifically about all the suffering in the world. We’ve had a habit for the last few weeks to send specific scriptures to him to help him. He told us that he cries some times when he reads, and we told him that was the spirit speaking to him.

We taught 2 Cigana (aka gypsy; I don’t really like this word I’ve heard that it’s offensive) families this week. One family was hard core, like the women aren’t allowed to read, and they can only wear long skirts. That was actually kind of sad, but they are sooo sweet. The other is an evangelical Cigana family. They are more integrated into normal society; but they’re still distinctive in the fact that they still only follow Cigana laws and not necessarily the laws of the land.

The Cigana culture is very different and it is very interesting to actually get to know them. They are wonderful people individually, but the culture causes problems sometimes. The Portuguese people don’t really like the Ciganas.

Things are going well though. We did some sight-seeing for P-day. It was fun.

Love you all!

Sister Runyan


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