Time Flies Fast

Hello all!

This week was spectacular! I absolutely love Sister Smith. We have a lot of fun together. Gaia is a really special area. I love being so near to Porto and all the people that live here of course.

The members are soo sweet. There are so many members here that love the Sisters and always want us over. Gaia is actually really breezy; so it doesn’t get nearly as hot during the summer as the rest of Portugal.

Some of the highlights for this week was one day we contacted a man on the street and we said something about the holy spirit and he was like “I have 10 spirits… do you want one? And we were just like “What?!” He said “I have 10 spirits, here’s a spirit and here’s a spirit look now you both have one.” We were like “ok?” And then he asked where we were from, and Sister Smith said Idaho. And he was like “oh ya, where the Indians live, you know in one of my past lives I was an Indian. I’ve had five, so ya.” And I was doing everything in my power not to bust up laughing so we just said “It was a pleasure to meet you. You’re always invited to come to church,” and we left. One of the upsides of talking to everybody in the street; you get to meet all the crazies.

One of our less actives actually has schizophrenia. It’s very interesting working with him. He needs a lot of help; but unfortunately Portugal doesn’t really have programs for people like that. He is always depressed and he always tells us how hard it is. The only thing we as missionaries can do for him is keep telling him to pray, read scriptures, and go to church. It’s a really different situation. He is such a sweet guy but he struggles with living the commandments.

We have other people who are preparing for baptism. There is Gabriel, he’s a 20 year old kid who has received an answer that the church is true. He’s just a little scared. We’re working really hard at finding new people to teach right now.

Oh, also I’ve officially hit my 6 month mark. Time flies way too fast.

Love you all

Sister Runyan


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