President and Sister Amorim Have Arrived!


Hello all!

The new President has arrived! He’s incredible, I’m really excited to serve with him. He is very different than Pres. Fluckiger but he will be just as beloved. He is pushing us to be obedient with exactness.

This week, Monica received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is incredible! She has so many gifts of the spirit. She feels the spirit very strongly. He testifies to her that this church is true and she listens. He has guided her with a still small voice and she follows. She will be an amazing member, mother, and disciple of Christ and her children will be so blessed.

This week, one of our members gave a talk in church about gossiping it was really powerful and I hope that people took his words to heart. So many people in the church are driven away who have weak testimonies.

I’m going to finish this transfer here with a bang. I’m going to use this opportunity with a new mission president to have a blank slate to start again 100% dedicated to serving the Lord.

I love you all

Sister Runyan


Hello all!

This week has been really nice. Since our new mission President has arrived, he has been challenging us to be more obedient and to work harder. This week, Sister Da Luz and I have woken up exactly on time and exercised every day. We also kept our goal to do at least 40 contacts in the street every day. We have seen a big difference in the quality of our work, and we found a lot of people that seem to have a lot of potential.

Monica is still incredible.  Some of my other recent converts are struggling a little. Kaity is starting to hang around a bad crowd and doesn’t seem to be progressing. He came to church by himself yesterday; which I was very happy about. Edmilson is making a lot of excuses for why he isn’t coming to church; but I won’t give up on him.

Yesterday was really good. Church was great we had 6 investigators in church, and one of our investigators marked for baptism, Lara, the daughter of Dina and sister of Fabiana. She is really special. We had 3 youth in church; instead of the usual 1 and she loved it. We prepared a young women’s class for just her, but she loved it. She said a prayer with us for the first time and it was so sincere and sweet. I know that she will be baptized and that one day Dina will finally follow the example of her daughters.

We watched the Testaments for a family home evening in the home of Lara. It was great; I always feel the spirit during that film.  And I think they felt it too.

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about Joseph Smith and the things he did for all of us. Every time I teach about the first vision, my own testimony that he is a prophet called of God to save us in these latter days grows. I am eternally grateful for the work and sacrifices he made to help all of us.

I love these people and sometimes I just want to open their eyes. But I have come to see that there are people who are humble and searching for something more; and there are people who are lacking the same truth and happiness but they become bitter and prideful.  It is our responsibility to find the people who are humble and already prepared to accept the things they don’t have.

I love you all, have a great week!

Sister Runyan


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