Olá Familia,

This week was pretty good. Tuesday, another sister was staying with us to wait for the sister she’d be training. That was a pretty good day. I had a headache, but we taught a Brazilian woman. She is super cute. She accepted to be baptized the first lesson! She works Sundays, and to be baptized, people need to come to church 2 times. We’re working with her to find new work.

We found another woman who was collecting the things of a 90 year old woman who threw her stuff out the window on the 11th floor (poor thing). We helped the woman. Her name is Virginia. She was very sweet. We will pass by and talk more with her this week.

We also found a woman named Suela, who is living alone with her 7 month old son. She was very grateful for our visit and also agreed to baptism. She couldn’t come to church this week, because of work. But she asked her boss if she could switch. He said no this time. Another issue is that her family doesn’t like us. But I know she will continue in the right direction.

Kaity is really progressing. His testimony grows every time we see him.

Edmilson moved, so he lives farther away, but he still has a car. He hasn’t been to church in a while.

Our Branch President is a great man, and I can’t even imagine how hard it is to be Branch President. Our members love us, but we’d like them to better understand the importance of the work. Sister Da Luz and I are gonna get a lot more creative. We’re going to do a mini MTC with the members. Also, Saturday, I taught English lessons. We’re using this as a way to find new people.

Yesterday, a little Russian boy wandered in for Primary. He really felt the Spirit. He stayed after everyone had left. We offered to take him home. His mom came running to him. She had been looking for him for 3 hours.  She was so scared and she was crying. I felt so badly for her. She couldn’t really speak Portuguese or English, so we had trouble communicating with her. But we prayed with her and we sang for her. I felt the Spirit really strongly. She did too. She said that she was really worried, but that after, she felt peace. We gave her a Book of Mormon in Russian. She was so grateful for us. We have plans to visit another day and have a lesson. Her son will translate.

We received a call today that we have a conference in Coimbra. We have to leave today and spend the night there.

Thank you for the package! I love the dress, the skirt, the top, the jewelry, everything! Good work. I have a package too, but we never have enough time to send it.




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