Portugal, the Land of the Crazy Testosterone Infested Men!


One more week until transfers. Will I be in the Porto mission or Lisboa mission? I have no idea. Anything could happen. I will be sad if I leave Carregado or Sister Da Luz; but It will be kind of exciting to see what happens.

This week was kind of cool. In Azambuja, they had a Festival de Torros!  The people here are kind of weird. The festival is a really big thing and everyone comes. They let bulls loose in the streets and these stupid drunk men try to taunt it and evade it when it chases them. Every year people die. Someone died the other day but they keep going like nothing ever happened. It’s kind of barbaric. I have videos; but I don’t know how to send them. Look it up online. (The festival is actually called “Festa Brava no Ribatejo”; which translates to “Mad Party in Ribatejo”. Ribatejo being the region where Azambuja is located. Here’s a video from 2009.)

Also, I ate snails with one of our members. It’s really nothing to write home about, but it’s not terrible either.

We have an investigator who is preparing to be baptized this week. He is really awesome. He’s the uncle of the sisters, Hironette and Sonia. We’re also going to work with a Brazilian man and his daughter. They’ve known the church for a long time; but we think that soon they’ll be baptized.

We turned over our old house to the owner yesterday. He was really rude with us. He’s probably really upset; cuz there’s no way he’s going to sell a house on the 11th floor without an elevator. (I again asked why the elevator isn’t operating. She replied “It’s a diferente world here mom. The people in the building weren’t paying for it, including our owner, so they shut it off. I really don’t understand either.”)

Domingos said that he’s going to propose to Antonia soon. I sure hope so!

We have a couple of less actives who are coming to church. This isn’t good; because they cause a lot of havoc in our branch. We aren’t allowed to teach one; because she was disfellowshipped. All of our members are handling it ok; but it’s hard because she said some really mean things to almost everyone. I think she probably needs psychological help.

We had interviews with the mission president. That was kind of neat; but probably the last time I’ll see him.

I did residency this morning. It wasn’t really all that exciting. I just took a picture and took fingerprints. Afterward, we went bowling with other missionaries. That was pretty fun.

Every week is a new adventure here. I’m always exhausted. But it’s good; because we work really hard.

I love you all. Pray for us that we can be really obedient this week; to help our investigators. I think that will really start to help our work. Things like exercising and using our time wisely can be really difficult; but we’re trying.

Love you all

Sister Runyan


One thought on “Portugal, the Land of the Crazy Testosterone Infested Men!”

  1. The bull video was NUTS! I just don’t get it. Maybe we should adopt something similar in the states – just set up some tables in a plaza and have folks drive their cars into them. Snails! Way to go, Kendall. I’m glad she’s got a baptism line up. Excited to hear where she’ll be serving next.


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