Mother’s Day Skype

We had a fantastic conversation with Kendall on Mother’s Day. We all commented afterward on how happy she was. While we talked with her, her companion, Sister Da Luz (pronounced Da Loozh), braided her hair very quickly. We were amazed at the result. I wish we had a better quality picture. Kendall called us from the church building while the branch was there watching old home videos. Kendall was able to bring several of the branch members in to introduce us. The only time I got teary was when the branch president’s wife hugged and kissed Kendall for me. I am so grateful for faithful members who are taking care of my daughter!

Kendall’s Letter:

Oh my goodness! I have had killer allergies this week. The pollen is in the air full force. But I´m happy because we will be moving into our new house in Carregado this week. The traveling by train saga is finally coming to a close; which is a good thing; because I´m getting fed up with the whole system. In Carregado, you can only buy tickets from a machine, and a couple nights ago it didn’t let me pay with paper money, only coins, and I didn’t have enough. It wasn’t like we could go exchange anywhere either the station is practically in the middle of nowhere. We had to use the train; otherwise we would be really, really, really late. I just decided to use the train and explain to the worker what happened. He was just like, you have to validate your ticket there’s no excuse; but he let me off. I was just feeling ticked off; because they don’t make it easy to use the train and the workers are sometimes not so nice. But soon I won’t have to be dealing with that every day.

Dina is having a hard time right now, and I don’t really know what to do to help her. I think she’s having difficulties with Tony (her boyfriend).  Fabiana (her daughter) is super cute. She reminds me of Gabby a lot. She will definitely be baptized this Sunday.

Who knows what will happen with Domingos and Antonia.

Sara and Fabio are great!!! We met with them last Monday for the first time in a while. Since then, they have made a lot of progress. They pray together as a family they read the Book of Mormon and Sara cleaned their house and is starting to look so much happier. They agreed to get married by June 19, baptized June 20 and confirmed the next day. They are incredible and I’m so excited to see the gospel transform their lives.

Sara has a friend, Sonia, she has a lot of interest in the gospel. We met with her and she says she was already baptized when she was 8. She thinks it was our church; but we need to check with the records. She is really sweet. She smokes as well.

Smoking is a huge obstacle here. The majority of our investigators smoke right now. A lot of people have addictions and I have absolutely no personal experience to help them. I will study a lot. (We are working getting her the booklets, in Portuguese, for the church’s 12 step program).

Interesting things that happened this week.~

  1. When Sister Da Luz and I were buying tickets for the train one day, we saw a man and he had the same face as Wilford Woodruff, same beard, same everything. Sister Da Luz told me afterwards that she thought he was one of the 3 Nephites, or a general authority. Who knows maybe he was or just some random guy who likes beards from the 1800s.
  2. We were both feeling a little under the weather one morning and we decided to rest a little that morning before we left. While I was deep asleep, I remember what felt like someone tapping on my bed to wake me up. I was still paralyzed from my sleep so it took a few seconds to open my eyes. I saw it wasn’t Sister Da Luz; she was asleep. I had a feeling it was someone from the other side, reminding me that I have important work to do. I have a feeling it might have been grandpa.
  3. We went to Belem today. It was pretty neat. The Portuguese are very proud of their navigators.
  4. Saturday night, one of the primary children, Alicia, went missing. Her mom was really upset. We said a prayer with her and minutes later they found her. That was a pretty neat experience.

I’ve been feeling really tired lately. I think my brain is being exercised a lot with Portuguese right now. But, I just feel so relieved that we have a house in Carregado; because I know this will help our work a lot.

I love you all a lot!

Sister Runyan


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