First Baptism


Sister Runyan and Sister Johnson with Edmilson on His Baptism Day
Edmilson’s Baptism Day

We had a baptism!!! My first, it was really neat:)  Especially since we met the guy a week ago!!!!!!!!  Sister Johnson and I think he will really help the missionary effort here because he has already inspired so many people. He was a drinker before but he completely stopped and turned a new page. I just can’t even comprehend how the Lord blesses us sometimes.

The Saturday before the baptism we needed to do an interview. For some reason, our district leader and his companion were on a division with the APs.  All of them came to the branch president’s house. We had cachupa, it was great. It was time for the interview and we couldn’t get a hold of Edmilson. But lo and behold, the girlfriend of the son of our branch president, Dina, a woman who is not a member, said that she would come with us to go find him. She was incredible because she was so determined that he wouldn’t miss his interview for baptism. While we were in the elevator, she told us that she wants to be baptized! We had taught her before; but we didn’t think she would ever want that. While Edmilson was in the interview, the APs taught her. It was probably the most powerful lesson I have ever heard in my life. Elder Andre, from Angola, taught her that she needs to stop smoking. He taught her the importance of the atonement and baptism and how we need to be committed to live a different life before baptism. She says that she wants that and they marked her for baptism in 2 weeks. We also marked one of her daughters, who is 10, for baptism. She told us afterward, that if Edmilson could stop drinking, she could stop smoking. So we need to visit her every day to help her. She is so sweet and I know that she will be an inspiration to others as well.

Sister Johnson with Dina and her daughter

Things in our area are about to change. Heavenly Father was tired of seeing so many of his children, who have a testimony, to live in darkness because they aren’t living the commandments. He sent Edmilson to us; who demonstrated so much faith, it’s insane. I can’t even express how grateful I am for his example.

We still don’t have a house. They gave the owner a deadline to make changes to our house, but he didn’t so they are now deciding to look for a new house. The process for buying a new house takes about 3-4 weeks, so not till the end of this transfer.

I love how Sister Johnson loves being a missionary. She is so cute and so fun to be around. Sadly, we had transfers and she is no longer my companion. She is serving in an area close to Porto.  My new companion is Sister da Luz. She’s from Cabo Verde and she’s super awesome!!! This will be a really fun transfer. I will learn Portuguese super, duper fast. (We learned that Sister da Luz speaks absolutely no English.) I miss Sister Johnson like crazy!! But I think this will be an amazing transfer and that I will grow a lot:) I’m really excited to serve with Sister Da Luz, I think we both want to work super hard and so this will be really great!

Thank you for all of your prayers it means a lot.

Love Sister Runyan


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