Ten More Things I’ve Learned About Portugal

So this week wasn’t as crazy. But some interesting things happened. We were asked by our zone leaders to focus on our progressing investigators and contacting new ones. So we’ve been working on getting them marked for baptism. A_ is already marked for the 25 and I know she definitely will be baptized. We´re working on sitting down with N_ and his family; but they’re really busy and they never have time to meet with us.

Sara is awesome! She struggles with the word of wisdom and law of chastity, but she is so interested in the gospel. We gave her a Book of Mormon and the next time we talked to her she had already read the first 5 chapters! She told us that when she reads, there’s a voice that says keep reading, this is good. 🙂 She also told us that when she reads she doesn’t want to smoke. She also told us that she struggles having faith when things go wrong in her life. Our next lesson with her we are going to talk about faith. The only thing is, she texted right before our appointment Friday and said that she couldn’t meet with us. Since then, she hasn’t responded to any of our texts or calls. It doesn’t make sense! She loves us in her home; she told us that. And she was so interested before. She told us that her friend wanted to meet us. I’m worried that her friend spoke badly about the church and doesn’t want us to talk to her.  Please pray for Sara! Pray that she will have peace in her family and that she will still have the desire to hear about the gospel.  It could be that she’s just really busy I don’t know but we’ll talk to her later this week.

10 more things I’ve learned.

  1. When people need to use the restroom they just say I have to pee or I have to poop.
  2. Literally everyone will point out my acne! It’s actually really funny because they’ll be like. Your acne is really bad; I have a cream that will help. And I’m like … Thank you that’s so sweet but I already have a lot of medication. Every single child has asked me, what’s on your face? It’s like they’ve never seen acne before.
  3. The streets always smell like pee.
  4. The people here work hard.
  5. Lunch is bigger than dinner here.
  6. Chocolate Salami!
  7. A lot of People immigrate to England.
  8. People will see our badges and trust us. For example, I didn’t validate my train ticket which normally would be a fine but the ticket checker was like you guys are missionaries I believe you. So that was cool.
  9. Portuguese men like to sit on the street corner and gossip for hours on end.
  10. I love Portugal!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I’ve felt so much strength from heaven these last few weeks it’s been great!

Love you all!

Sister Runyan

Coimbra and Santerem Zone Conference
Coimbra and Santerem Zone Conference

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