Easter Week

On Easter, we had a very special dinner with the Branch President and his family. They served us many things I have never tried before:) I ate every single one of them! I also helped prepare the meal the day before. I smelled “really good.”

  • Head of goat (the whole thing. . . brain, eyes, tongue, all of it!!)
  • Stomach of cow
  • Lungs of cow
  • Intestine of cow
  • Goat meat.
Goat Heads

Because we are living in Povoa, which is a twenty minute train ride away, it is easier to work in another part of our area, Azambuja. We have many members there and so it has been good to spend time there. It’s older than Carregado, with old narrow streets and all of that. Carregado is just apartment buildings.

We have zone/district conferences in Santarém every week. On the train ride there, you can see the wall of an old fortress. I hope I can go there for p-day one day, but we don’t have any time! That’s the life of a missionary.

Azambuja Train Station
Azambuja Train Station
Zonce Conference

This has been a crazy week! I don’t have a lot of time to email because there are four sisters and one computer. We are staying with sisters in Povoa.

Yesterday was the first day that I really felt homesick. Especially since it didn’t feel like Easter at all with all that food that was unfamiliar. But I’m so grateful for the members here. They are so giving and kind. Dina, the sister-in-law of the Branch President, is taking care of us here in Carregado. She doesn’t have daughters, so she loves the sisters.


So Carregado is actually closer to Povoa than Azambuja, but Carregado’s train station is a 20 minute walk from the town. Azambuja’s train station is right in the city, so we worked there, visited our members and such.


We had a Zone Conference. We took a really fast train and got to see the countryside. When we came back, we had lunch with one of our members in Azambuja. The rest of the day, we contacted people in the street.


This day, we had appointments with people in Carregado. We walked from the train stop with this really cool guy from Santo Main. The day before, we had received a reference from the UK. We met the reference and her family. She is the daughter of this Portuguese member living in the UK. Their house reeked of smoke, but that’s normal for Portuguese people. She and her “husband” (no one is married; I’m not sure if this couple is married) have 2 kids. Both are super cute! Their whole family sat for the first lesson! Usually it’s just the woman, but he stayed. He’s such a great dad with his kids too. We need more priesthood in Carregado, so this is great! I could tell they felt something.


We came to Carregado again. We marked Antonia for baptism on April 25! She wants to be baptized, but she doesn’t know if she’s ready so we’re working with her. We had a really powerful lesson with Patricia, a woman from Brazil. She isn’t married to her boyfriend, who is married to someone else. So she’ll take a long time.

Patricia’s son


We got picked up by President Miranda, because they came from Lisbon to get stuff for Easter. But Sister Miranda lost her wallet, so we went back to Lisbon, but it wasn’t there. They think it was stolen:( I helped bring in groceries. I carried all 11 goats’ heads! It was really heavy and I’m pretty sure I have permanent nerve damage in my ring finger. I still can’t feel it.

Easter Sunday

It didn’t really feel like Easter, but it was so good because we invited everyone to come to conference and hear a prophet speak. Before conference, we had dinner with President Miranda and his whole family. I already explained that part. I was so fun!

Conference was great. We didn’t have the best turn out, but we think a lot of people watched it online. Yesterday was probably one of the most interesting days of my life, but I have to admit I missed home a lot.

Progressing Investigators

Antonia: She is the girlfriend of a reactivated member. He has been on a mission and so he has been awesome at helping her learn about the gospel. She’s a little more quiet; but she is so sweet and I love her to death.

Nelson & Tais: Father and daughter. They are from Brazil. He is friends with the branch president. Nelson just got married, so he can be baptized. I’m not sure how ready he is; but President says he wants to. Tais wants to be baptized; I can tell. We’re going to ask them to be baptized this week! Pray for them please.

Sara & Fabio: This is our new family. They are so elect! I know they will be baptized eventually, but word of wisdom and marriage first. That could take a while, but if they have a testimony, maybe not.

Patricia: She has a testimony! However, she is catholic and she always tells us that it’s really hard to change faiths. Also, she has social anxiety and doesn’t want to go to church. She loves us and always welcomes us! Her boyfriend doesn’t really like missionaries; but he’s warming up. Her son is a wild child; but he’s so cute. I hope we can help her to see how to trust in her faith and follow the Lord and be baptized.

Calita: She is from Guinea-Bissau. She is awesome! She loves to talk. She always welcomes us into her house.

Solange: She’s from São Tomé. Her sister is a member. We want to get their whole family; but they don’t want to change.

Funny/Interesting Things

  • We ate the Easter Bunny! Antonia fed us rabbit this week and we were joking that we ate the Easter Bunny.
  • Tomorrow, we’re going to Coimbra for Zone Conference! That’s where the Harry Potter school is. We’re actually leaving in a couple hours and staying there over night with sisters there.

Question & Answer

What is your favorite part of being a missionary? The people and sharing my testimony with them.

What was your favorite General Conference talk? Holland.

Where is your branch president from? Cabo Verde.

Was their Easter dinner a traditional Easter meal for them? Yes.

How is the language coming? It’s coming slowly but surely.

Love you lots!!!!!!

Talk to you next week:)


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