Craziest Week of My Life

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life! To answer your question about my address mom; I don’t have one currently. Let me tell you why. So the people in charge of procuring housing didn’t ever really like that apartment. There was a little bit of a mold problem and the fridge doesn’t really work and things like that. The owner isn’t really accommodating either. He’s a member, but he’s not really happy with the church right now for whatever reason. They had been telling him to fix our fridge. I felt bad; because one night he showed up at11:30 at night to, bring us a new fridge. We didn’t want to let him in that late at night; but he lives in a different city a ways away and this was the only time he could come. I could tell he was not happy. Well the day before that, we received a note in the mail that said that our elevator was going to get shut off on Friday; because people weren’t paying. We live on the 11th floor! So that wasn’t really the best news in the world. So we have been walking up 11 flights of stairs every day since Friday. The church has not been happy with our living situation anyways; but this was the final straw, so they sent us to Povoa to live with another set of sisters. This house is a lot better. And they have an elevator! The only thing is, we will have to take a train to our area every day.

In the meantime, they are looking for a new house in Carregado. But this is good; because we get a change of scenery and we’re closer to Lisboa. And we get two new fun roommates Sis. Mendes, and Sis. Puertes. I’m not going to give you an address until we find out how long it will be till we move houses.

Anyways, on to better stuff! So the people of Carregado are awesome! We have so many people who are almost ready to be baptized. We had a confirmation this week! His name is B­­arbosa:). He’s the father of a reactivated member who is awesome! His son’s name is Domingos. Right now we are working on converting Domingos’s girlfriend, Antonia.

Barbosa with the sisters and Lucas, the Miranda’s grandson.

There is another family from Brazil that we are just about ready to baptize. It’s a little harder with everyone else we are teaching; because no one in Portugal is married; but they live together.

Real quick here are 20 things I’ve learned in Portugal.

  1. No one lives the law of chastity.
  2. Everyone smokes
  3. The food is fantastic; Google these dishes. Cachupa (Cabo Verde), Bacalhau, Pastel de nata, Bolo Brigadiero (Brazil). There is so much more but this is all I remember.
  4. There is graffiti everywhere.
  5. All the countries in Africa that speak Portuguese; Cabo Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique. I have met someone from each country:) The Africans are the best! Every time that we talk to them on the street, they are so friendly and so ready to welcome us into their homes. I love being surrounded by so many different beautiful cultures!
  6. People love to correct our Portuguese.
  7. The elevators are tiny.
  8. There is a lot of wind.
  9. I miss dish washers.
  10. A lot of people clean with ammonia.
  11. The T.V is always on!
  12. Everyone watches this soap opera called “Boogie Oogie”. I MEAN EVERYONE!
  13. Everyone is super nice.
  14. The pastries are the best.
  15. I’m going to get fat.
  16. The members here are amazing!
  17. Cars will run you over if you’re not careful.
  18. The word for a cold is Gripe. (I think that’s funny)
  19. Everyone gossips.

I miss you all and I want you to know that I’m doing really well! Happy late b-day Sara!

Love Sister Runyan


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