Preparing to Leave the MTC

Note from Kendall’s mom:  Last week, the missionaries in Kendall’s district received their travel itinerary. They were to leave the MTC Tuesday at 11:30am (Utah time) and arrive in Lisbon at 6:00pm on Wednesday (Portugal time). Twenty Two eager missionaries were packed and ready to leave at the appointed time; when they received word that their flight was being changed. Their mission president felt that the 6:00pm arrival time was too late, so he had the flight changed. Unfortunately, the missionaries didn’t get the changed flight plan in time and by the time they did, they had already missed the flight. Within a couple hours, they had their new itinerary and they are now all on their way to Portugal. Kendall emailed this blog post when she gave me the updated itinerary.

So this week was just about getting ready to leave. We had a seminar called In-field orientation. It was very long and at times very difficult to stay awake, but it was good and I got a lot of good ideas. Both of our teachers talked a little about their missions and the people they taught this week.

Irmão (Brother) Lemperle talked about Portugal and answered our questions. He taught and baptized a lot of people. From what it sounds like the work is definitely going forward in Portugal. He was an amazing missionary, so dedicated to the work. When he came home, he said that was the worst day of his life. He meant it. He is such an amazing example to me. He speaks with a lot of authority and power. I hope I can be half the missionary he is.

I am so excited to experience the culture of Portugal. From everything that has been said it seems like a beautiful place and I am excited beyond words. So when our flight was canceled this morning I was a little disappointed. But everything is great now and I am so ready to leave the MTC and officially start my mission.

I don’t really think I have any expectations for what the mission field will be like. I’m just ready to do the work of the lord. The MTC is great, but it’s not my mission. I know that things will get really hard and honestly I have no idea how to prepare myself for some of the trials that might come. But I know I will never give up! I’ll always push forward until I have given my very all. There are some missionaries here at the MTC who have already had almost unbearable trials. They are examples to me and their faith and determination to keep going inspires me everyday.

I love you all! I pray for the health and strength of all who are dear to me.

Love Sister Runyan
Irmão Lemperle had a birthday, so the sisters in Kendall’s district made him a piñata 
A final picture of Kendall’s MTC district
Sister Runyan & Sister Elliott with the MTC Presidency and their Wives
Sister Runyan and Sister Elliott with the MTC Presidency and their Wives

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