So this week Sister Elliot has been having a lot of stomach pains. But she pushes through it like nobody’s business. I am so proud of her and her determination. When we teach with the spirit we work really well together so it’s great.

It was fast Sunday this week. I think this is one of the first times in my life that I’ve ever fasted for a full 24 hours, but it wasn’t even hard. I feel the spirit so strongly here and it’s amazing to see the changes it makes in my life; even if it’s as simple as having the will power to go without food.

Sunday, we had an amazing mission conference. Some of the things they talked about were repentance and how it means to turn towards God. Pres. Burgess talked about our missionary purpose and what it means to be a full purpose missionary. At the end, he shared a clip from the district. These sisters taught this part member family and got them to be baptized. After their missions, the sisters came back when the family went to the temple to be sealed. I felt the spirit testify to me that my purpose as a missionary is to bring families to Christ and then watch their lives change. I know that there is nothing as important as what I am doing now. We teach lessons everyday here and it is such a sweet experience for me to bear my testimony even if it is in a language I can barely speak.

My teacher Bro. Lemperle is an amazing example to me. He was an extremely diligent missionary and it shows. He has been off his mission for 2 years, but he still misses it like crazy. The way he talks about the Portuguese people gets me super excited. Have any of you looked him up at all? Like I said he sings for Vocal Point. He is an amazing teacher and I feel so blessed to be taught by him.

We get to watch church movies every Sunday. This Sunday our district decided to watch Joseph Smith. I love that movie because It shows how he suffered so many things during his life. I think very few people suffer as many trials as he did. He was an amazing man and even though God asked a lot of him, he made him be able to bear all of his trials. I think I’ve come to realize that this life is unfair and God asks some people to do and to bear more than others. But I find the example of Joseph Smith so incredible, because he knew that those trials were essential to his own personal development.

We get our flight plan this Friday!! so I guess that means we have our visas. I’m not sure though. I am almost done with my time in the MTC. That just blows my mind! It feels like last week that I said goodbye. But I’ve learned quite a lot since being here. I’ll share my testimony in Portugeus but I don’t know how to type accents sooo. Cela! (whatever)

Eu sei que Deus e nosso amoroso Pai Celestial. Eu sei que Deus quer nos voltar a ele. Eu sei que Jose Smith vi Deus o Pai eternal e seu filho Jesus Cristo. Eu sei que Jose Smith traduziu O Livro de Mormon e que ele e um outro testemunho de Jesus Christo. Eu sou grato por isto o evangelho e eu sou grato por meu salvador e redentor Jesus Cristo. Eu digo estas croises em nome de Jesus Cristo Amen.

Love you all

Sister Runyan

district sisters
Sister Miller, Sister Steagall, Sister Dixon, Sister Barron, Sister Elliott and Sister Runyan
Kendall's MTC Zone
Sister Runyan’s entire MTC Zone will be going to Portugal! The mission will be split in July.

Kendall's goofy district likes to have fun.


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