Ups and Downs

This week has had a lot of ups and downs. My companion has been sick all week, but she’s so awesome because she pushes through even when it’s really hard. I was feeling a little homesick on Saturday, but Sister Elliott and I had a nice chat. I feel like we’re getting closer everyday. This week really flew by, but I feel like a lot of progress was made. Sister Steagall, (I love her to Death!!!)is having some health difficulties with a preexisting heart condition. Today she’s going to the hospital to get some testing done. Keep her in your prayers.

So one of the counselors in our branch presidency is a very interesting man. He was presiding over our district meeting, and he was trying to make an analogy about pimples but it was lost on me because it was so strange. He was like “my first wife liked to pop my pimples, but anyways when you pop them they get infected so you need to make sure you take care of all of it.” I don’t even know, we were all like “uuuuhhh ok?” Then he pulled a dry erase marker out of his pocket and he was like “huh? that’s interesting.” Needless to say, he adds a little pizzazz to our ward. Other than that there wasn’t really anything that eventful this week.

Thank you for the package by the way! I just opened it. I’ll probably use the envelope you sent to send back my skirts that were a little iffy. Since coming here I understand the rules better and I decided that those skirts won’t work. They sell skirts at the bookstore here so I’ll probably by one before I leave. If i need more clothes in Portugal I can buy some:)

Thank you Sam and Gabby for your Dear Elders this week. They were really nice:)

Sister Runyan


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