The MTC is awesome.  I’ve learned and felt more than I have in my entire life. Sometimes I wish I had more time to do certain things like shower, but it’s great. Our district is super fun, we are all doing really well at learning Portuguese. I’m learning it 100 times faster than with Madame. It’s really cool. There are actually a lot of missionaries going to Portugal right now. I imagine it’s because of the mission split. I’m getting more and more anxious to leave every day though.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Wednesday: Uncle Joe picked me up and we went to Kneaders for Breakfast. Tell them thank you by the way they were so awesome to do all of that for me. When I got to the MTC I got my badge and other stuff and the first thing we did was start learning the language! The rest of the day was mostly initiation.

Sister Runyan with her Aunt Kristie, Uncle Joe and cousin, Jaron.

Thursday: We did class time and kind of got to know each other. I found out my companion knows the Asays so that was cool.

Friday: our first day with the regular schedule. We did gym for the first time which will be awesome for me because it will force me to excercise regularly. We also had to teach our first lesson IN PORTUGUESE!

Saturday: We did service in the morning we mopped stairs and then it was a regular day and we taught our second lesson which was 10000 times better.

Sunday: We had church stuff. Relief society sisters get to watch music in the spoken word which was nice. We did a temple walk and took lots of pictures!! We did a temple walk and took lots of pictures!! We had a devotional which was fun because they talked about all the MTCs all over the world. Then that night we get to watch a church film. We decided to watch this mind blowing talk by Elder Bednar I forget what it’s called, but it’s a must see everyone should watch it at some point in their life.  I wish there was a way for you guys to watch it, because it was literally life changing. I think you can only see it in the MTC 😦 He talked about conversion and how the only way to do it is to forget about yourself. But it was amazing because he spoke with so much power, and he gave really crazy examples. (note from mom: I found a talk by Elder Bednar, from the October 2012 General Conference, titled “Converted Unto the Lord.” This may not be the talk she is referring to, but still a powerful sermon on conversion).

Monday: Regular day but our district was getting way off task and laughing a lot.

Tuesday: P-day.

Every day is starting to blend together now. The days are long but it simultaneously feels like you’ve been here for your whole life and 5 minutes. Food is alright I’m mostly sticking to salads, but I think I’m struggling with having 3 full meals a day. My skin is super dry so I haven’t been doing my whole routine. Let’s just say I am really looking forward to Portugal weather.

Sister Runyan

P.S.  Amanda is Crazy! Her letter made my district laugh.


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